Totally familiar; yet completely different

We didn’t reinvent the wheel, only the way brands communicate with their client base. 

Think, “you’ll never go back,” type of different. St-ble replaces third-party communications and social media messengers with 1-on-1 direct contact.

It all starts with a real mobile number

When evaluating your external reach, learn that external messages must originate from your actual business number. Think about it. 4-digit codes are never welcomed, let alone a good idea when building authentic relationships. At St-ble, we acquire a local number, relevant to you or your brand. Our promise is that that number will be your number forever. We know that a distinct phone number is crucial to your identity, so we will never reuse it. Every relationship should start with a sign of good faith, so if we ever break up, your number is like your data, it’s your property.

Text everyone in your phonebook with the click of a button

St-ble establishes workarounds to messaging every contact individually. Bulk SMS tools traditionally send messages via 4-digit or 5-digit codes. In other words, one SMS to everyone, aka rinse, and repeat. 🙁 St-ble is more granular. You can separate your contacts by age, location, services, zip codes, countries, and even date—full customization for tailored messages to build authentic relationships. You, the sender, saves time and the receiver, your client, talks to a real person. Allow us to do the heavy lifting.

Voice is a powerful thing

Now that you have an identifiable local number, voice communication should also be included. What St-ble did is update the way the phone is used to create an impact with clients. We implemented automation for the tedious, where you are located, your hours of operation, etc. Voice will be used as needed for essential conversations.

Social media love should never be a chore

Keeping up with social media is tedious and full of repetitive tasks. Don’t you wish you had a few extra hours in your day? We definitely know the answer to that.  With a business, we have to juggle many things with day to day operations, adding in social media management is time-consuming and expensive. We are all looking to have a more significant IMPACT on social media in the smallest time frame. St-ble now makes that accessible and easier for you.

Your worldwide website should have a fast response time

We have created a lead capture form that can be embedded on your website. The form aims to capture and save everyone who contacts your brand’s mobile number. This will help build your database with a captured audience. All the communications will be done via SMS. The business benefit: Once you have answered their initial inquiry, you have a lead to market to. The client’s benefit is a fast response where they don’t have to wait for an email reply. The communication will be seamlessly done through any mobile device.

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